Ten Songs By Wiley – That Aren’t Grime

Wiley, the self-proclaimed yet widely accepted ‘ Godfather of Grime’. From the music to the culture, much of what Grime has become is due to Wiley’s hard work and vision. Everyone knows that Wiley is the Godfather but I feel that his talent for making music that deviates from the Grime template is often disregarded.

So in celebration of Wiley’s forthcoming album ‘Godfather’, here is a countdown of ten songs by Wiley that aren’t Grime, which I really want you to hear. I’ve deliberately excluded his commercial hits because the whole point of this post to make people aware of music that isn’t generally known for.


10) I’m Skanking [Evolve Or Be Extinct]

9) I’m On One Remix (Featuring Giggs) [Creating A Buzz]

8) Flippin Da Gut [Wiley Zip Files]

7) Out Of My Life [Wiley Zip Files]

6) Party Pooper [Wiley Zip Files]

5) Sittin’ here Remix [Creeper Volume 2]

4) Zip It Up (Featuring Giggs and Trigga) [Race Against Time]

3) I Was Lost [Treddin’ On Thin Ice]

2) Treddin’ On Thin Ice [Treddin’ On Thin Ice]

1) If I Could (Featuring Ed Sheeran) [Chill Out Zone]


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