Ten Songs by Dizzee Rascal That Are Not On Any Of His Albums

An essential moment for Dizzee Rascal fans out there. Dizzee is set to perform his debut album Boy In The Corner on 22nd October as part of a series of events for the Redbull Music Academy UK tour. Boy In The Corner is a classic, yet there are so many tunes outside of his albums that so many of his fans don’t know about. Hopefully this list will fill you in some tracks that you might not know about. In this list, I’ve excluded remixes, freestyles and instrumentals.

Let’s get started.

10) Trapped
was on the B-side for the vinyl release of Dream (also featured on a second released CD). The beat is so cold and so are his bars, I don’t why DJs aren’t playing this with the reemergence of Grime – this on the same level as Seems 2 Be and Live-O in my opinion.
Favourite bar – “I’m on the search for a big boy six figure deal, house on the hill”

9) Dean was a close friend of Dizzee who sadly decided to take his own life. Dizzee goes deep in this song, it feels like a letter that he is writing to his lost friend. The song was featured as the second track for the single release of Sirens and the video was commissioned by Calm, a charity whose purpose is to reduce the rate of suicide in men.
Favourite bar – “I hope Heaven’s cool, if not, what’s Hell saying?”

8) We Ain’t Havin’ It
is one of Dizzee’s few songs featuring the OG Wiley. Information about its release is scarce but it’s likely that only a few were pressed onto white label because it’s not even available on Discogs. Not much else to say, just listen to it – nang beat, nang bars and a classic 16 from Wiley
Favourite bar – “Check this willy kat dizzy rascholar, E3 L.O.N doing it proper”

7) Butterfly
was a track on the single release of Bonkers. Dizzee goes back to his Jungle/DnB roots on this and it’s produced by Shy FX. I don’t know why this wasn’t on his Tounge N Cheek album because it would have fitted so well with his releases at the time.
Favourite bar – “She don’t wanna crank that souja boy because she’s older boy”

6) Like Me
was on the B-side of the vinyl release of Sirens. Dizzee goes deep in this again, exploring the area of depending on nobody other than yourself. I understand the musical direction that Dizzee was trying to go with this, but I feel that this could have had potential to be  on the level of something from Boy In The Corner track if this had a more spacious beat.
Favourite bar – “Nobody got my back like me”

5) Wasteman
didn’t even get a studio recording, let alone a B-side feature but this is the only recording of it. A cold production by Footsie and COLD 8-bar chorus/hook. Swear Dizzee needs to get in the studio and record this. This will pop in a rave.
Favourite bar – “Can’t ever tell me crime don’t pay, but I get alot more for what I say”

4) My Life
was in Pussy’ole’s single CD release, featuring Newham Generals. A nice mellow beat, yet distinctively a Dizzee production. I just wish Dizzee had another verse on this.
Favourite bar – “I stay up late blazing endo, wondering how’s it gonna end doe, and when it ends how’s it gonna end, and when it ends where will I get sent doe?”

3) G.H.E.T.T.O
is a no compromise Grime track from Dizzee, which is rare because Dizzee has never really been the definitive of Grime and has always been on his own lane. Footsie was responsible for the beat and I really wish he would go back to making riddims like this instead of using bait 808’s. This was released as a two-track SP along with Drivin’ but was also featured as a bonus track on the US release of Maths + English.
Favourite bar – “Don’t give a damn how deep you are, I’ll show you what a chief you are”

2) Drivin’
was released as a two-track SP along with G.H.E.T.T.O. One of the main reasons I love this song is because everytime I listen to it, I clock onto new bars that I previously didn’t understand, simply because life has changed so much since I was 16. I love the production too as he dips into that early 2000’s crunk vibe. This is also one of the only songs where he’s singing in the chorus.
Favourite bar – “And I’m seriously hoping that the feds don’t drive up, If they do they’ll smell the smoke and find some objects made for hurtin’, and some brown and some white cause I know my bedrin’s working”

1) Is This Real
is one of the deepest of the deepest tunes by Dizzee but still seems to be fairly unknown to many fans. He goes into questioning life and the future. It’s up there  with some of my favourite songs. It was released as track 2 from one the CD’s he had released for Dream. Enough talking, now listen.
Favourite bar – “Is this life? Full of pain, full of strive”, “Looks like we’re nearly men, wish we could start again”, “So I sit, getting high, asking when, asking why”

Hourable Mentions

The main idea of post was to spread songs which alot of fans don’t know about. So this section is for the tunes that I wanted to add to but is generally already known to most Dizzee Fans.


I Luv U Remix

Off 2 work

Give U More



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