Awful Records Showcase (Ft. Abra, Kilo Kish, Tommy Genesis + more) @ London 20/10/2016

The Awful Records crew from Atlanta came all the way to London along with guests for a very special showcase event as part of Red Bull Music Academy’s UK tour. If you’re new to Awful Records, I’d describe their music as Gucci Mane’s weird cousin that everyone loves.

I went with intentions to catch Abra and Kilo Kish in particular, but the full line up  consisted of Father, Blood Orange, Tommy Genesis, Ethereal, Lord Narf and Keithcharles Spacebar who all shut down the place. The show was sold out at maximum capacity and was held at St. John at Hackney (a music venue in a church!).

I didn’t realise that Kilo Kish was due to be on stage so early so I missed half of her performance. I only managed to catch Navy and two others songs that I recognised. I can’t retrace the names of all her songs because I enjoy listening to her mixtapes/albums its consecutive and flowing order. I was initially surprised that she performed so early but as the night went on, I realised that her vibe is so more mellow and ‘artsy’ orientated compared to the other performers. There was even a moment where Kish stepped away from the mic and started to scream on the stage. Alot of people looked around thinking, “what the f-?”, but I guess you’d ‘get it’ if you understand her.

If you’re new to Kilo Kish, definitely check out: Locket, Navy and Hello Lakisha

Now onto Tommy Genesis, this was the first time I’d ever heard of her. As I see a small ‘lightskin’ girl in a crop top approaching the stage, everyone is going mad. My subconscience pre-judgments where coming into play as I was expecting soft RnB vocals to come out of her voice but I was deeply proven wrong. She started her set with Angelina, which my mind instantly recognised from Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist (not actually knowing that it was by this same person on the stage). The amount of energy that she was producing was crazy and definitely not expected, constantly switching between performing within the crowds and on the shoulders of security men. I do believe that it’s only a matter of time that the major labels see potential in what she can produce, especially in terms of developing a core-fanbase that will buy into anything she does.

If you’re new to Tommy Genesis, definitely check out: Execute, Angelina and Shepherd

Abra’s Princess EP is what I had been banging throughout the summer and I missed Abra’s recent show at XOYO, so my main intention of the night was to catch her performance. I always describe her sound to people as a fusion of disco and trap music from the 80s. I always feel her voice to be hypnotic and angelic, and she most definitely delivered that in her live performance. She instantly caught the attention of everyone, even someone sitting next to me asked me, “Is she Siobhan Bell?”, possibly thinking Siobhan Bell is the name of an RnB singer and not actually the support DJ! Abra performed all her main songs including Fruit, Crybaby and a few others (not all which I rate). The only downfall about Abra’s performance was that it felt way too short, she only performed 6 or 7 songs and she didn’t perform Vegas (which I know isn’t really her most popular song but it’s my favourite), however I do understand that the overall night was a showcase for the whole label and so timeframe is a key factor.

If you’re new to Abra, definitely check out: Pull Up, Vegas, Crybaby, No Chill, Roses

Overall, it was a great night put together by RBMA, it fulfilled exactly what it was meant to do – showcase the best talent in the Awful Records camp. Even though I haven’t written about the other performers, please do check them out because they are sick (I’m just not a great writer). If you wanna discover more on the Awful Records crew, check out their recent feature on Radar Radio.


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