Harlem Spartans [Artist Focus]

The Kennington Boppers, Harlem Spartans are a South London crew slowly taking over the UK’s underground’s underground scene. Unlike other crews from the London Drill scene, this isn’t a case where one or two rappers stand out – every single person from the crew spits pure fire! They are consistent with their bars, wordplay, flows and beat selection – not to mention that they have new videos online every couple weeks.

If you vibe to people like 67, 150, Section Boyz etc, these guys should definitely be on your radar. Whether or not you agree with their gang related lyrics and images on their videos, you cannot take away the genuine talent and swagger that these guys have. And in terms of the beats they spit on, replace warping basslines and amen breaks with bells and 808, the energy from their songs almost give an old mellow jungle feel (LA Beats, Mun Roe and Yamaica are just a few of the producers to take note of).

I once read that music we like, is either what relates to us or is what fascinates us. Just like watching films or documentaries, the gang life fascinates me but I could never condone killings and robberies – much of what these guys rap about (whether it’s true, I don’t know). Harlem Spartans are still in their early days so I guess they should stick to the formula for what’s working for them but I’ll start to give them the fullest ratings when I bars and beats from outside of their comfort zone.

Below are a couple of my favourite tunes (PS. they need to get their music on Spotify).


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