Principe Discos (with DJ Firmeza + more) @ London Nov 2016

For those unfamiliar, Principe Discos are record label from Lisbon, who in their own rightful words are dedicated to releasing real contemporary dance music from the city of Lisbon, Portugal, their suburbs and slums. They are part of an authentic movement that champion in taking pride from music of their former African Portuguese colonies, while fusing key elements of rave and electronic music.

Having my own roots from Goa (a former Portuguese colony), both my parents being born and raised in East Africa and a love for the London rave culture, I was destined to love the electronic music scene that’s come out of Portugal. Buraka Som Siesta is who I first discovered from there, however it was really Throwing Shade’s mini documentary with ID where I realised that there was an authentic underground music scene emerging from the streets Lisbon (similar to London’s Grime), and later Sons Do Gueto (an hour long documentary by Tim and Barry that focused on the whole scene which I managed to catch the premier screening of).

With plenty of bells, synths, percussion and deep bass, the night was something deeper than just a rave. Everyone danced together and chanted together. It didn’t matter who you were,  it was a congregation and a soul connection for the afro-lusophone diaspora(ic) music. I could talk about the night forever, but really its one of those where you need to let the music do the talking. So check out the links below if all the DJs on the night aswell some cool bits to catch up on the scene. ALSO, gotta big up Clock Strikes 13 organsing the night and Camden Assembly for hosting. One Love.


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