#threepeat (13/12/2016)

So I find myself constantly having certain songs on repeat when I’m on my travels around London. Catching up with the latest releases and mixes is a must, yet I always find myself to be searching for a select three songs in particular.

I just want to share with you guys my current favourites in my radar and give you a couple words about them. All the songs seem to portray a similar vibe, so these are probably just be a reflection on my current mood. I don’t know how often I intend on updating this, but it’s probably when I find myself having three other songs on repeat.


Roy Woods – Why

The beat is on that classic spacey RnB vibe, but I love its contrasting vocal melodies. Its melodies are sung almost in the style of a ragga MC but with the voice of a soothing American voice. Also the placement of each drum sound amongst its rhythm (note how I’ve worded this, I haven’t just said ‘drum pattern’), even the off beat 808 snares, contributes so much towards the music. I feel like where each drum sound is placed, is a point of where your body moves (kicks, snares, clap and hi hats) – I’ve never felt so specific toward just drum beats but I feel like it’s so important to express this.

Favourite line: “Put me to sleep with your voice”

Listen on Spotify



Tinashe – C’est La Vie

Another spacey RnB ting. I cant get as specific with this one but I love Tinashe’s falsetto vocals in this, and the her rhythm reminds me of that Future/Migos/Thugga flow where they rap 2/3rds of a triplet flow. I haven’t heard an singer attempt it before and it sounds amazing. Check out the rest of the mixtape Nightride. Tinashe’s second album Joyride was meant to be released last year but as been significantly delayed. I reckon it’s due to a change of direction as her singles didn’t seem to do as well as they expected. I reckon (I hope*) she going to ride with a more orangic and true sound like Nightride.

Favourite bar: “I got plenty trees for the flight”

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Keith Charles Spacebar – All My Luv (Ft. Abra)

I swear, Abra has the voice of an angel, anything she is on just sounds amazing. Again, I love the reggae vibe from the sub bass and tambourine – and then when the kicks and snares come in – then with a break down with the bells – then Keith with the raps. Come to think of it, what I really love about this song is the arrangement. The arrangement is constantly changing, but never too much to think to question it. Did I say I love Abra’s voice too?

Favourite bar: “I just want something I can hold”

Listen on Spotify



Make sure your keeping locked onto my Spotify playlist, tryna get a radio show sorted too. One love.



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