#threepeat 30/01/17

Nick Hook – Gucci’s (Ft. 24hrs)

I actually first came across Nick Hook from his song with Novelist (which I didn’t rate too much) but instantly feel in love with Gucci’s. His Relationships project is collaboration with loads of different singers and rappers, it definitely worth checking out if you’re into the more “left-field” trap sound. In Gucci’s, I love combination of the high pitched vocals and the slight bashment vibe with the classic 808s.

Favourite bar: “She said Tony what you doooing?”


Paper Pabs – Second Time Around

I’ve known of Paper Pabs from the early Grime/Meridan days. While everyone around him in Meridian and Bloodline were doing Grime, he’s always stuck to Rap. I feel like isn’t the consistent with his greatest songs, but Second Time Around is by far one his best songs from all the projects he’s put out. His flow is on point, bars are sick, coherent with the beat and you can really feel the hunger and pain from him spitting. These Bars is another good song to check out from his Pyrex Papers EP.

Favourite Bar: “Used to eat the sardines, But now I’m tasting the crab”

BLOXX – Your Boyfriend

So I randomly came across this song when browsing through some indie playlists on Spotify (which I rarely do), but I LOVE this song. Especially the vocal melodies and guitar rhythms. This is the only song that they have on Spotify and they have a few on youtube but not much else. I can’t wait to hear what else they have.

Favourite Bar: “I’ve seen him playing his games”


make sure u stay locked to the rebello radar playlist faaam


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