The “Grime came from Hip-Hop” debate

If you’re only discovering Grime from 2015 onward, it’s easy to think that Grime was birthed from Hip-Hip – but it’s easy to say that in 2017.

In 2003/4 when Grime was really becoming it’s own thing, it was so different compared to what was going on in mainstream Hip-Hop and Southern Hip-Hop  was definitely not as popular as it is today.

The best way to describe it is that Grime is not a son a Hip-Hop, rather it is a cousin of Hip-Hop. Grime’s father is Garage, Hip-Hop is it’s close relative, but not as close as many would imagine. It’s Dancehall that truely brings them together. With Jungle being Grime’s mother and Funk/Soul being Hip-Hop’s mother.

2004 Grime


2004 Hip Hop


2017 Hip Hop (with the South dominating Hip-Hop)


2017 Grime


2017 UK Rap/Hip-Hop (Bringing it’s strong influences from the current sound of mainstream US Rap, but sounding like Grime)


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