#ArtistNetwork (24/04/17)

#ArtistNetwork is a series of events based around the business of music. This particular evening was focused on digital marketing and consisted a discussion panel with Mercedes Benson (Influencer & Social Media Marketer), Abbie Hollebone (Digital & A&R for Decca), Hannan Malik (Director for TenForty) and Fred Fredas (Upcoming Artist). Each gave their opinions and advice on specific questions. The panel ended with me realising that it social media is crucial for an independent artist, you’re career cannot exist without it. Understanding how to use each platform properly, with consistency and interesting content is crucial.

As with all these sorts of event, the discussion panel is interesting but it’s the networking which is just as important. I got to meet some really inspirational people who were just like me a year ago. Hearing their stories made me bring back the drive I feel that I’ve recently lost. I meet these two cool guys who work as assistants in a studio in soho, having worked with people like Diplo and Giggs. Another guy who’s in the middle of pitching music to the Jonas Brothers. AND another guy who owns his own social media company.

And I forgot the mention the night consisted of lots of free pizza and beer. Thanks Small Green Shoots for the amazing evening.


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