Big Music Project: Masterclass with Global, Marketing 101 (19/04/17)

It’s not often that workshop is often targeted as exactly what your career aims are. I had the privilege to attend a workshop organised by the Big Music Project for those trying to break into roles for marketing within music. It was a great opportunity to meet other young people who are perusing a similar journey to me, while also learning from those who are already on it.

The evening was held at the Global HQ and kicked off with tour around the building, showing us all the different studios and offices for each of the brands underneath its umbrella. It was cool to see how even though all the brands are within one camp, they each have their own unique identity and shouldn’t intertwine. Any confusion towards consumers can result in loosing validity in the content (i.e. 1975 taking a photo behind a Capital Xtra poster).

The workshop focused on a discussion panel consisting three of their key marketing managers. Global are the parent company who own many of the UK’s commercial radio brands, like Capital, Capital Xtra, Heart, Radio X, LBC and more. On the panel was Callum Clark (Capital, Capital Xtra), Sarah O’Brian (Global Touring) and Laura Hollis (Radio X, Smooth). They each had different journeys and interesting tales to share. Sarah came from a background in Branding, Sarah studied Drama at university and Callum worked at a Carphone Warehouse Store before nagging his boss for work experience at the marketing department.

It was interesting to note that no one mentioned a initial desire to work within music. Even the advice seemed to be tailored more towards those perusing a career in the media industry as opposed to music. I guess that makes sense as Global are a media company at its core, not music. The main thing that I’ve taken away from this is that I’m blessed to know that I am going to work along with music. Whether that’s in Marketing, Production, PR or even legal!



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