Royal-T, DJ Champion & Grandmixxer @ Camden Assembly 28/04/17

It’s rare that i can go to a rave and be excited for every single DJ that’s on the bill. Not to mention it’s only a £5 and is hosted in the intimate Camden Assembly (one of my favourite venues). This has potential to be one of my favourite raves ever.  Royal T from Butterz, DJ Champion from Formula and Novelist’s DJ Grandmixxer (and one of the hardest Grime DJ’s as a whole).

I’ve been lucky to catchy both Royal-T and Champion on several occasions, and I’ve been following their journeys for a very long time. The first time I came across Royal-T was when he won a producer competition on Grime Forum, I’m sure it was the 1up Instrumental that P-Money eventually vocaled. I’ve been following Champion since his Funky days but he really became one of my favourites when he started doing more with the Butterz guys. I’m really looking forward to Grandmixxer’s set because he’s the only guy that I haven’t seen before! The way he mixes is literally like no other, he can find two completely different songs but work them together. I actually have no idea as to whose set I’m looking forward to the most.

Have a look at their sets below and grab tickets here


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