So Julio, how was your 2017?

Last night, Go Think Big put together an evening helping young people to get organised and to get their goals ready for 2018 (and gave us bare free pizza too). As well making a plan for the months ahead in 2018, the panel also emphasised looking back into 2017 – recognising even the smallest achievements and cool things that have happened.

This got me thinking a lot. Meeting friends who started their career journey at the same time as me but who are now further on, has got me feeling down recently. I felt like I had wasted my 2017, but you know what? No, I HAVE done a lot in 2017, and this it gonna be a little breakdown of my 2017 highlights!

Man went Africa. I spent a couple weeks of my summer in Tanzania to meet my cousins and family over in the motherland. I’ve been to that side of the world before a few times  as I child, but this time I got to understand it as an adult. Understanding the people, the way of life and the family (shout out to my cousins Wyn and Rea). I spend most days in my Auntie Olinda’s family home in Arusha but I also visited Mwanza (where lake Victoria is) and Moshi, the town my mother was born and raised. Something funny – when I came back into work, I told a colleague that I went to see my family in East Africa and he replied, “I didn’t know know you were African”


Man went Croatia. Outlook Festival is one thing that I’ve been trying to do for years and I’ve finally done it! I had an amazing time but the rain was such a let down – mind you, this was real heavy torrential rain for most days. I got to so many of my favourite DJ’s in one place, shout out the Butterz and Principe crew. My highlight was witnessing DJ Marfox, Nigga Fox and Nidia Minaj doing a back-to-back set on the beach all day (as well as Marfox saying hi to me later on because he saw as at the front for the whole set!). Radar’s boat party was a madness too! Pula town is a beautiful place. I miss how cheap everything was, like £2 for half a litre of beer and £1 for the best pastries ever. Would highly recommend Pula for a quick getaway.


Man interned at a cool PR Agency. A big shout out to Frank PR for letting me intern at their amazing office in Camden. The time at Frank opened my mind up to a whole new career path which I didn’t even really consider, not to mention just building up new skills and meeting great people. I got to help out on some cool accounts like Skoda, Brent Cross, Nokia and Charlie Bighams. I loved dissecting the brand behind  clients to develop  concepts and social media posts. I also had a bit of responsibility in the administrative tasks like tracking press coverage and updating spreadsheets (#excel #allofthatallofthat).


Man DJ’d at some of London’s iconic clubs. 2017 saw Rebello DJ at Visions (shout out Mr TRemix), Birthdays (shout out Luke) and Gilgamesh (shout out Asha) – can’t forget the Fenny Fever family too, as well that that random rave in a warehouse in New Cross. Getting some more DJ gigs is definitely on the list for 2018 but I guess there’s other priorities too. The Radar Radio workshop with Nike was also cool, I love being in that creative environment with other like-minded people.


Man started to read properly. I definitely saw a jump in the amount of books I’ve read in 2017. I’ve always felt that I’ve struggled with reading and wish I read more when I was younger. The books I completed were This Is Grime, Eskiboy (Wiley’s Autobiography), The Secret Of The Highly Creative Thinker and Why I’m No Longer to White People About Race. I’m one of those people that buys loads of book but doesn’t read them so I’m making a pact to myself that I won’t buy anymore books until I finish them. 2017 has actually also been a really good year for podcasts. One’s I would recommend are Neighbourhood Radio, CMU Setlist, Halfcast Podcast and Radical Personal Finance.


Man went to some SICK concerts and raves. Let’s see, there were so many. Spotify’s Who We Be might be at the top of the list. Grime Originals. Raskit. Novelist and Grandmixxer. Principe. Boiler Room. Outlook (obz). 808 Ink. Champion b2b Flava D. Butterz. Tonga Ballon Party. Eskimo Dance at Wembley. Neighbourhood Showcase. Sango. Wiley’s headline show.


And finally… Notting Hill Carnival. Even through I’ve been every year since I was sixteen, it’s something I always have to go to. It’s deeper than just the music, food and vibe. It’s a celebration. Look at how far our society and way of thinking has progressed. From race riots, to embracing cultures from around the world and former colonies. My advice, you need to go to carnival in 2018 because they can’t wait to take it away from us. They will soon move it into a park, or ticket it, or make it into a festival-type thing. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s about being inclusive to everyone.


What you saying 2018??


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