BBC Introducing Live 2018 @ Tobacco Dock

In London’s East-End,  BBC Music held their annual Introducing Live event – a three-day music conference taking over the iconic Tobacco Dock space.  If you’re unaware, BBC Introducing is the BBC’s platform for bringing through the UK’s most exciting and upcoming musical talent. The event is an opportunity to showcase some of these selected acts live, while also providing truly insightful industry seminars, discussion panels and networking opportunities. Whether you were an up and coming artist or an industry professional with years of experience, the event was attended by different people perusing their dreams in music.

My days were spent learning about getting jobs in the industry, insights into the game, meeting great people and discovering some sick new musical talents – and just feeling inspired again. I honestly felt like I was on holiday. There is waay too much for me to talk about what went on at my time there but I’m gonna break down the different talks I went to and give a point or two of what I deeped.

Getting Your Music On The Radio
– Building your audience is what will gain attention from radio
– Trying to get radio plays should be just one of the many objectives in your journey

How To Break An Act In 2018
– Selling live show tickets is the most genuine measure of success
– Build yourself to the where the industry is in search for you
– The most interesting artists are those that are just doing it themselves

BBC Asian Network Presents: Asian Music, Desi-Music and Brown Excellence: 2018 And Beyond
– Asian culture as whole might not be in the limelight of the wider British popular culture, as opposed to ten-fifteen years ago
– The great British-Asian musicians artists haven’t left a blueprint for those coming after them
– We need to push ourselves to break the barriers

BPI Presents: Streaming and Playlists Explained
– Use statistics to analyse your demographic and build your audience

Urban Development Presents: Game Changers – How To Steal My Job
– Create your own opportunities to help build you and network
– Go to as many gigs as possible
– You need to bringing real value and knowledge to a job role

How To Get A Job In The Music Business
– Everyone in the industry got their job from being annoying
– Don’t be asked to cold call people, ask for advice and ask if they’d like to go for a coffee
– The industry needs to employ new people
– Build yourself as a brand and create your space in the industry

The Heads Of Labels Masterclass: What Is The Role Of a Label in 2018?
– “The machine can only work with the right fuel”
– Labels should be trying to get the attention of the artist, not the other way wrong
– One of the main reasons to sign to a label should be for its resources of marketing and promotion

Spotify Presents: Who We Be TALKS_
– Record labels can’t reach the demographics of Imjustbait
– Sometimes people genuinely just miss your DMs
– Build your own ting

Sentric Music Presents: 9 Steps To Landing a Sync Deal:
– Different people have different ears for different needs
– Don’t underestimate the need for using the right metadata at it will help people find your contact details
– Your amazing music is in an ocean of amazing music

PRS Foundation Presents: Reece Parkinson In Conversation With Novelist
– The foundations of your strategy is in the music

Sentric Music Presents: WTF Is Music Publishing?
– There is ALOT of money to be earned from songwriting and performance royalties
– There is ALOT of money to be made from radio and TV plays
– You earn PRS income when you perform your own songs at a live show

Read All About It – How To Get A Job In Music PR
– Don’t be scared to ask for help from your connections
– Take as many opportunities as you can
– Must pick up the phone and cold call

PPL And PRS Present: Get Played, Get Paid! How To Make Money From Your Music
– PRS plays for Spotify plays
– PPL can only registrar commercially available music
– The amount an organisation pays towards its PRS and PPL licence depends on the reach of its audience

No Rules Distruptors: Entrepreneurship In Music And Brands 
– Build a network of creative people
– Find what is missing, build a solution for it, then capitalise from it
– Get a mentor, and that mentor can be younger than you
– Write down everything you want to achieve


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