The Ultimate Seminar 2018

The Ultimate Seminar is a free annual event that hosts a full day of music industry focused discussion panels, featuring some of the UK’s most influential figures behind the scenes. Major label executives, artist managers, marketers, publicists, A&R’s, producers and songwriters all joined to discuss and and answer questions reflecting on the current state of the music industry, while giving advice on how the following generation can learn from their journey.

From its humble beginnings twenty years ago, the Ultimate Seminar is just one of the events organised by Cre8ing Vision to help break people into the industry. This was my third time attending over the last five years, and though I might already know much of what was discussed – I guess it just as much about the networking, soaking up the energy and visualising that I could be up too in a few years. So below I’m gonna break down ten key points and realisations that I came to throughout the day:

  1. You get the right answer when you ask the right question
  2. External factors that you might feel are holding you back and bringing you down is part of the journey
  3. Take your time, don’t fall for the rat race and prepare yourself for constant rejection
  4. You have to understand that this is the music business and the industry exists to make money of you and your art
  5. Creating music and learning the business from the journey,  can be part of your way you break through into the business
  6. Organisations need to create roles based on an individuals strengths, not to place people in roles that just already exists
  7. The song and its story itself, can do so much for you
  8. You should know if your song is a hit, from just the first verse, pre-chorus and chorus
  9. A&R in music publishing is more about nurturing creativity for longevity and a catalogue, rather than for a hit and commercial viability
  10. This is the creative industry, you need to create your own opportunities, no-one owes you anything – you can make something out of nothing.

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